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River Ridge Academy encourages students to reduce the use of plastics going to the landfill by collecting plastics through our reduce and reuse campaign.

River Ridge Academy students collected plastic bottle caps to create artwork in the school. Pre K students sorted the lids by color. Various age groups took turns placing the caps to create the recycled art piece. 


It takes about 450 years for a plastic water bottle to decompose. That means if a plastic bottle is placed in the landfill today, it will take approximately 4.5 centuries or about 164,250 days to breakdown. In other words, that same water bottle will be around until 2466! Now that's something worth investigating!

River Ridge Academy students did just that, creating a public awareness campaign to encourage students to recycle plastic bottles AND start using reusable drinking containers.
Students in the 600 Hallway collected and measured the amount of paper recycling. 



Students planted water loving plants near the entrance of RRA to create a rain garden for all students to enjoy, while adding to the landscape they enjoy learning about native species to this area.

Litter Prevention

Adopt a Highway Program at River Ridge Academy in coordination with Palmetto Pride. 





Students learned about composting to better understand how the soil decomposes.  In conjunction with Earth Day, students planted trees and determined the pH of the soil so that the plants would have the best habitat. 


Students created bird feeders to attract birds to River Ridge Academy. Students learned bright colors attract various species.
Our Raider Garden was designed and planted with native SC plant species. 
Feeders were placed in the garden to attract birds.