Technology Trouble Information

To view daily schedule: Scroll over E-Learning and click the grade level.

To view information for each teacher: Scroll over E-Learning, scroll down to grade level (do not click on grade level), scroll over to teacher name and click on the teacher name.

This is our parent support website. They are mostly written and not videos due to our inability to accurately translate that many videos, but hopefully helpful:


Technology Update for Parents

Tech Depot Site:

Devices will now be dropped off in the front office at RRA for repairs. Once a technician has contacted you the device is ready for pick up, you may pick up from the front office at RRA. The parent will be required to sign for the device when they pick it up after the repair has been completed. If you have any questions regarding the device repair, we suggest you ask all questions when they call you to pick the device up.  Our front office will not have any additional information on your device and there will not be a device technician here to assist you.

Details on the process to follow can be found here: www. Thank you.