Mendicino (3rd &4th Grade)

Hi everyone!  All students have paper packets that were distributed earlier this week.  The packet is broken down by days—day one to day ten.  Each packet has a reading passage tailored to your child’s instructional level, math work, and a writing prompt (except for days 5 and 10).  When reading either the passages or books you may have home, ask your student the major questions: who, what, when, where, why, and how.  Have them make predictions and retell the stories in their own words.  The math work is work we have learned to do in class, but some students may still need minimum to maximum support from a parent or sibling if it is something they haven’t mastered independently.  Students may require a visual model to put their writing ideas on paper.  This is all perfectly fine as we provide these supports in class as well.  Some students also have work from the speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, vision specialist, etc. to supplement their academic work depending on the services they regularly receive in school.  For science and social studies, your child can work online through their mainstream teacher.  For science, your child either sees Mrs. Lankowski, Ms. Howard,  Mr. Peltier, or Mrs. Keiffer.  For social studies, your child either sees Mrs. Pope, Ms. Pike, Mr. Peltier, or Dr. Kropiewnicki.  Some encore teachers may have provided extra content as well:  music-Ms. Baldwin, PE-Coach Lembo, engineering-Mrs. Lawson, art-Mrs. Daniels, lego lab/coding-Mrs. McSweeny/Mr. Salkin, and Spanish-Mrs. Robertello.

Your child’s packet also contains login information for several websites they are familiar with using in the classroom as well as website addresses that contain educational content but are also fun.  The most important of these is IReady.  This is the reading and math curriculum we use and is tailored to your child’s learning needs.  The content assigned is based on the needs that were identified when they took their IReady diagnostic tests.  Please have your child complete at least 30 minutes per week (or more) in each area (reading and math).  I can monitor their progress and make changes to their assignments as needed.  This is also a great opportunity to sit with your child and encourage them to listen to questions thoroughly and give thoughtful responses.  This will help when your child participates in district and state assessments which are online.  We often see them speeding through questions and making random guesses which affects their scores significantly.

In addition to the paper packet and the IReady online curriculum, I have started a Google Classroom page.  To add my class, have your child go to Google classroom and use the code 2arfd4l to join.  Students and parents can post to this page or message me with any questions or just to say hi.  I would love to hear from my students on how they are doing!  I will respond daily.  I will also put fun challenges on this page for your child to complete.  These are optional, but hopefully you and your child will find them fun.  You may also reach me anytime by email at  My emails come straight to my phone, and I check it frequently throughout the day. 

I sincerely hope you all are doing well with our new normal.  Remember to play, laugh, and take advantage of all this “together time” to squeeze in extra hugs, extra books, cooking lessons, outdoor play, art projects, dance parties, and any other silliness you enjoy!  Afterwards, come to Google Classroom and tell me about your fun times!  Please tell my students I miss them, love them, and can’t wait to see them when we return to school!