Daniels (Art)

Email: deanna.daniels@beaufort.k12.sc.us


Art classes will remain virtual for the entire year. All students will still be meeting through Zoom at the same time during the scheduled weekly Art class.  Please be sure to find your lesson and scheduled class day posted in Seesaw(K-2) and Google Classroom (3-4, LM).  You will only have 1 lesson per week to complete and turn in.  

                                           QUARANTINED OR ABSENT?: 

Art classes are held on the same day and same time each week (Schedules and codes below).  Students have the entire week to complete their lesson.  Students can follow along by joining the Zoom meeting OR completing the assignment through Google Classroom or See Saw independently.  All lessons have and will be posted for students to complete independently if the student chooses to do so.  Due dates are posted with each assignment.


Students are not allowed to share art materials when they are face to face in the classroom.  Please be sure to send basic art materials to school for them to use in the classroom-wipes, crayons, markers, colored pencils, scissors, and glue sticks. We will use black markers to draw with often.   Thanks for your help and cooperation in advance.  Please email me with any questions you might have. 

3rd Grade and Lower Montessori Zoom Times &Google Classroom Codes:

Students will photograph each artwork they create and add it their digital portfolio in the Artsonia class portal. 

Lankowski: Mondays-11:00-11:50-Lankowski GC code- utp3f3f

Kieffer: Tuesdays-11:00-11:50 GC code - 6rpwbvd

Howard: Wednesdays-11:00-11:50 GC code- krkhixy

Pope: Thursdays-11:00-11:50 GC code- s4p6c2f

McMichael: Fridays-11:00-11:50 GC code - ayxvpyr

Fields: Mondays-10:05-10:55 GC code - 4immwdr


4th Grade Zoom Times & Google Classroom Codes:

Kropiewnicki: Mondays-9:10-10:00 GC code - gqrprfl

McKenna-Tuesdays-9:10-10:00 GC code - 5tjibwl

Brown-Wednesdays-9:10-10:00 GC code - ib2f5jc

McCarthy-Thursdays-9:10-10:00 GC code - ru2yiww

Peltier: Fridays-9:10-10:00 GC code - ncumyor

Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade:

Access Seesaw through the ClassLink App on your device.  You should not need a code if you log in through the ClassLink App.

Art Class ZOOM    link is posted in the Seesaw App, in each weekly assignment.