What is eCybermission?
eCybermission is an Army Educational Outreach Program for competitions designed to engage and guide students interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education! eCybermission is a web-based competition to promote students solving real life problems in their community. Through the program, teams of three to four students are asked to identify a problem in their community related to one of seven mission challenges, including:

  • alternative sources of energy;
  • the environment;
  • food;
  • health and fitness;
  • force and motion;
  • national security and safety;
  • robotics; and
  • technology.

Students competed against 4,600 students during the competition to win their awards. After selecting their mission challenge, students worked in teams under the guidance of team advisor, Mrs. Payne,  to propose a solution. Second place winners received a $500 savings bond, while 1st place students received a $1,000 savings bond. 

River Ridge Academy students focus on recycling activities

boy recyclingswampduckyellow turtleman and kids recycling