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ST 1.4

ST1.4: Students use technology resources to conduct research, demonstrative creative and critical thinking, and communicate and work collaboratively.

River Ridge Academy is a one-to-one school meaning every student in our school K-8 has a device.  In grades K-4 each student receives an iPad and in grades 5-8 the students receive a Dell tablet.  Our students in grades 3-8 receive these as personal devices in which they are able to take the device home with them.  Our students interact daily in each class with their device for the purposes of conducting research, demonstrating the thinking and learning, along with completing tasks in collaborative groups.  During non-school hours, our students still have the ability to interact with and utilize technology. Students in grades K-8 in our after school program readily utilize their own technology and technology available to them through the after school program.  In addition, the majority of our students have access to the internet in their homes.  Our teachers interact with students away from school through Google Classroom, Edmodo, email, etc. River Ridge actively engages students, parents and our community though our social media outlets.   

tech collage

Connect2Learn One-to-One Device Integration
Every student in the building, K-8, has a personal device issued
by the school for the purpose of learning.

science fair

Sea Island Regional Science Fair
The Sea Island Regional Science Fair (SIRSF) is the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) and Broadcom MASTERS Competition affiliate for Beaufort County.  Sixth-eighth grade students select topics of their choice, complete research, design and carry out investigations, and compete in a school fair.  River Ridge's school fair is a digital science and engineering fair, meaning students must present their information to judges in a digital format.  The top finishers move on to the regional science and engineering fair where backboards are required for presentation purposes. 
Research Paper Template for Science and Engineering Fair
Digital Fair Presentation Template

Example Class Website