Powers (grades 4-6)

Hi RRA parents!

I am Jill Powers, the 4th-6th grade School Counselor. During this time of uncertainty I would like to provide you with additional resources from the School Counseling Department.   Your child has a Google Classroom labeled Ms. Powers, School Counseling, please encourage your child to check their Google Classroom for activities, challenges and lessons for Social Emotional Learning.  Lessons will include items on stress reduction, problem solving and mindfulness.  None of the assignments will be graded but will offer some great strategies and tools.   I have also posted some resources below and access to my website.

The 4th grade Google Classroom Code is: fgljvap

The 5th grade Google Classroom Code is: 5ceu2cj

The 6th grade Google Classroom Code is: zluwr5p 

I will be checking emails daily, so please feel free to reach out via email.


Powers - quick ways to calm down.docx
Powers - How to Calm down PDF.docx
Powers - 30ThingsWeCanDoForOurEmotionalHealthSELResourceSheet.pdf

Mental Health Education
Calming Skills for Anxiety