Lee (grades 6-8)

Hello Parents,

I need to make sure that your child is working on their IEP goals while away from school. One of the ways we work on IEP goals during Resource time is through the iReady program. This is a great intervention program and the lessons are specifically tailored to your child's academic needs. Please have them complete at least 2-4 lessons per week (2 lessons in ELA and 2 lessons in Math would be ideal). If your child only has goals in Math or Reading, then they can do 3-4 lessons in that subject weekly. The students know how to get on iReady. However, please let me know if they are having trouble. By next week, I will be posting additional activities for them to complete. 

I've invited each of my students to my new Google classroom. Please have them join my room.  If for some reason it didn't go through, my code is: nmm2x7n for them to join. I will be posting activities for them and this is how I can communicate with them. They can also send me messages if they need support with their other classroom teachers’ assignments.

I'm available anytime during the day by email. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns or if you'd like to communicate by phone.  Thank you for your support during this time!  

Stay healthy🙂


Theresa Lee

Resource Teacher 6-8

River Ridge Academy