Gray (Gym)

As of 3/25:

Work for March 30 – April 3

6th / 7th grade:  online article assignment with 2 paragraph response submitted through Google Classroom.

 8th grade: A-Z fitness challenge, posted on Google Classroom. 

 5th grade: labeling the muscles with word bank provided, posted on Google Classroom.

As of 3/16:
I have my students doing activity logs.  They’re to log 30 minutes of physical activity each day, not using a gaming device.  Grades 6/8 are using vocabulary we’ve worked on this semester to describe the activity.  They’re also thinking about what body system the activity is using - cardiovascular, muscular, circulatory, etc. and noting that.  If they’re able to get a parent or guardian involved, even better!  This is their work 2-3 days this week (A/B rotation) and next week.  They will turn in to when we return.