The Kindergarten Promotion Motorcade this evening.  Parents should access our campus through Raider Drive and arrive at 5:45pm.  The Kindergarten Promotion Motorcade will begin at 6pm.


This is for Ms. Wigginton-Cox, Ms. Ferguson, Ms. Germany, and Mr. Poulin's classes: (Mrs. Bigg's has her own tab)

K-Instructional videos for Kindergarten May Packet.docx

Kindergarten- Resources 1.docx
Kindergarten- Resources 2.docx
Kindergarten ELA Lesson Videos Round 2.docx
Kindergarten Writing Journal Prompts (#2) Round 2.docx
Kindergarten Math Lesson Videos Round 2.docx

**There is a new series of lessons for K- second graders airing on The County Channel and BCSD YouTube channel.