Round 2:

I have made packets for all of you to be working on at home. If you have word family packets, I want the completed Word Web sent to me. Take a picture on your iPhone and send it to me at 843-540-6131. If you have stories with questions and answers, send me a picture of your answer sheet. If you have Roll and Read words - practice reading those words and have someone read the words to you and see if you can write them. If you have math work, that is for practice. If you want to see if your answers are correct, send me a picture. You all have books to read in Raz-Kids. You can take a quiz. I can see those quizzes on my computer, so you don't have to send me anything. If you want more books in Spanish or Vietnamese, let me know. If you have questions about your work - call me. Stay safe. I will see you all soon. I miss you!

 Ms. Galella's ESOL Class contact has a new code:  poadzz7

Round 1:

0725lisac   - Raz-Kids assignments:  teacher:  lgallela (spelled incorrectly) Students pick their name and all boys' passwords are the car icon and all girls' passwords are the cat.  I have entered assignments for all of my students. - select STUDENT - classcode is RRA610 - student enters name as user name and password:  Maria/Maria.  All students have assignments.