Students should be checking their Google Classroom daily. Each day I will post a Google Form that will serve as our attendance/check in opportunity so I know they are able to get online.  


On Google Classroom I will also include directions for that day's assignment(s). Assignments will vary from online review to a daily lesson which will include a video or notes from me.  Every morning there will be a post with my expectations for the day.  Some assignments will be a worksheet that students can complete using Kami, Adobe, or do on paper and take a picture of it to submit. 

I understand that these are difficult days for your families and we are in uncharted waters. If your child needs extended time or is having difficulty, please email me or have your student email and we will work together to help him/her be successful.  I have also encouraged the students to post questions on Google Classroom and help their classmates when they can.