2nd Grade

**There is a new series of lessons for K- second graders airing on The County Channel and BCSD YouTube channel.

April 1st-9th and 20th-24th:

Here is the second grade packets for reading and math fantastic 5. Spelling work and other math work will be assigned by class.

 2nd Round 2 -week 1mejane.pdf
2nd Round 2- week 1Fantastic Five 11-15.pdf
2nd Round 2- week 2Fantastic Five 16-20.pdf
2nd Round 2- week 2salt inshoes.pdf
2nd Round 2- week 3 fantastic 5.pdf
2nd Grade Round 2- missrumphis.pdf

2nd Grade- reading packet.pdf
2nd Grade- math packet.pdf

Reflex Math- fact fluency- log ins provided by teachers



ExactPath- individualized lessons based on MAP- log ins provided by teachers



Raz Kids- online books with quizzes- log ins provided by teachers



Virtual field trips provided by the Cincinnati Zoo- free and no log in required



Scholastic- daily reading lessons available- free and no log in required



Fitness and Fluency- Math and Reading video reviews to be used as a brain break- free  



Epic- a digital library- free for 30 days right now