Montessori at River Ridge Academy


 "A hands on approach to independent learning and self-motivation."

-Kim Fields, Montessori Lead Teacher

 “The Montessori Method of education developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. The classroom is prepared by the teacher to encourage independence, freedom within limits, and a sense of order. Multiage groupings are a hallmark of the Montessori Method: younger children learn from older children; older children reinforce their learning by teaching concepts they have already mastered. This arrangement also mirrors the real world, where individuals work and socialize with people of all ages and dispositions. Montessori students learn to think critically, work collaboratively, and act boldly-a skill set for the 21st century.”

-The American Montessori Society

Lower Montessori (Grades 1-3)

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Upper Montessori (Grades 4-6)

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Middle School Montessori (7-8)