2018-19 Bus Routes

2018-2019 Bus Routes

*Bus Routes will be available during our Back to School nights.*

There are a number of new students enrolling in our schools throughout the year. It is important that your child begin riding the bus right away,  especially at the beginning of the school year. During the summer, new students may have moved into the area. As a result, adjustments to pick-up and drop-off times, routes, or the addition of busses and/or routes may be made to make your child’s rider shorter and more convenient. Your child’s bus route will stabilize within two weeks. After that, there should be no more than a 10-minute fluctuation in times from day to day. After the first 20 school days, state law prohibits the District from operating overloaded school buses. If we need to make some other type of adjustment, we will do so after the first two weeks of school and notify you accordingly.

If your child needs to be dropped off somewhere other than your home (a neighbor’s house or day care center for example), you must send in a handwritten note. This note must be submitted, signed and approved by a school administrator at your child’s school before the Transportation Office can make any route changes. This process may take three to five days. We transport students for child care purposes only if we have the space available and only within your child’s attendance area. The District will let you know by the third week of the school year if we can accommodate your request. If your child wants to go home one afternoon with another child who rides a different school bus, you need to send in a handwritten note with your child. 

Prekindergarten and kindergarten students ride the regular elementary route school buses that serve your street, and they board and depart those buses at the regular bus stops.

A parent, guardian or a person (third grade or older) authorized by a parent/guardian must accompany each prekindergarten and kindergarten student to the bus stop and put that student on the school bus each morning.  A parent, guardian or a person (third grade or older) authorized by a parent/guardian must also meet each prekindergarten and kindergarten student at the school bus stop in the afternoon.

For all other bus inquires, please feel free to contact the following:

Beaufort County School District Transportation Office :: 843-706-8400

River Ridge Academy :: 843-836-4600