Mission Statement:

The mission of River Ridge Academy, in partnership with Beaufort County Schools, parents, and community, is to prepare children for a successful future by providing an environment that supports whole-child development through social, emotional and academic support.


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River Ridge Academy is a one story school that lies in a wooded area of Bluffton, SC. River Ridge Academy has enjoyed a very successful opening school year.  We have developed a culture of learning that supports “whole-child” development in all that we do.  Our students and families love their school.  We have reached capacity in one year and our choice applications make it abundantly clear that we are a desirable school of choice. River Ridge Academy prides itself on community connections.  We have established a WATCH D.O.G.S. program with over 160 dads making a difference with mentor ship in our school.  We have over 200 volunteers and all of our events are heavily attended by family and community members.  

Administration Team  
Mrs. Mooney (left), Mr. McCulloch (center), Mr. Hall (right)

River Ridge Academy’s Core Beliefs

We believe:

¨ Every student can learn using his or her valuable and unique talents and skills.

¨ Learning takes place when the physical, emotional, social and intellectual well-being of all students is assured at every level and during every transition.

¨ High expectations of the school community positively impact student success.

¨ Early childhood learning experiences form the foundation of future school success.

¨ Students learn best when they are engaged and provided with opportunities for problem solving and active participation.

¨ All students are entitled to learning experiences so that they can become competent and confident in the skills and knowledge needed to become successful and productive citizens.

¨ Investment, involvement and connection of all members of the school community are essential to a student’s success.

¨ Frequent informal and formal assessment aligned to clearly defined learning objectives will provide improved student achievement.

¨ The collection, analysis and use of data from a variety of sources are critical to making decisions.

¨ Students should be prepared to compete and contribute in a changing global and multilingual society.

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